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What should I do if videos are not displayed smoothly?

  • It is recommended you disable your screen saver.

    If the screen saver is enabled, it may be activated during DVD playback and prevent the playback from running successfully.

  • If you have set the display output to both the computer screen and an external display, change the display output to either of them.

  • Some videos may not be displayed smoothly depending on the type or bit rate of videos. Lowering the screen resolution may improve video playback performance. See Changing the Resolution (Size) of the Screen Image for more information.

  • If data access to a memory card is in progress, wait until the data access ends and then start playback again.

  • If you are playing a video stored on the memory card, copy it to the built-in storage device and then play the copied video.

  • If the CPU and cooling fan settings are configurable with VAIO Control Center, changing the settings may improve the performance. To start VAIO Control Center, see Searching/Starting Apps, Settings, or Files.