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What should I do if I do not hear sound from speakers or headphones?

  • Check if the volume from speakers or headphones is not minimized.

  • Check if the volume in Windows is not turned off or minimized. See Adjusting the Volume in Windows for more information.

    When the volume is turned off (), select(Deactivate muting) to turn on the volume (). When the volume is minimized, turn up the volume.

  • When connecting external speakers or headphones, check the following:

    • Make sure external speakers or headphones are properly connected to your VAIO computer. See Connecting External Speakers or Headphones for more information.

    • If external speakers require external power, make sure the speakers are securely connected to an AC outlet.

    • Make sure external speakers are turned on.

    • Make sure the volume from external speakers is not minimized.

  • Make sure the sound output device is correctly selected. See Changing the Sound Output Device for more information.

  • Check the volume on the playback app you are using.