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What should I do if I cannot use NFC/One-touch functions?

  • Bring your NFC/One-touch functions supported device toward your VAIO computer as close as possible.

    If the NFC/One-touch functions still do not work, slightly move the device up or down, or separate the device from the computer for about 10 seconds, and then touch the computer with the device again.

  • Make sure that NFC/One-touch functions are enabled on the supported device.

    You may need to change the device settings depending on the device you use. For detailed information, refer to the manual that came with your device.

  • Enable NFC/One-touch functions.

    Open the charms and select theSettings charm.

    Select Change PC settings in the lower-right corner, and select Wireless in the left pane. Turn off Airplane mode and change the NFC setting under Wireless devices to On.

    To open the charms, see Opening the Charms.

  • Do not bring metal objects other than devices supported with the NFC/One-touch functions close to your VAIO computer.

  • Do not touch your VAIO computer with more than one device supported with the NFC/One-touch functions at a time.

  • If NFC/One-touch functions still do not work after you perform above operations, restart your VAIO computer.