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Why doesn’t the built-in digital compass show the correct direction?

  • The built-in digital compass works by detecting a magnetic direction. Do not rely solely on the location information the built-in digital compass provides.

    Especially at the following locations, the accuracy of the digital compass can be easily affected by magnetic interference and it may not work correctly.

    • Inside an elevator or a room built with ferrous materials, such as iron frames or reinforced concrete

    • Near a reinforced concrete structure, such as a footbridge or an airport or a train station concourse

    • Near or inside a train or a car

    • Near a transformer on the ground or high-voltage power lines

    • Near a metallic product, such as a metal frame desk or metallic furniture

    • Near a material that has a high level of magnetic interference, such as a magnet, a magnetic holder, or speakers

  • Calibrating the built-in digital compass may correct the direction. See Notes on Built-In Sensors for more information.