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What should I do if my VAIO computer cannot connect to the wireless WAN?

  • Make sure the battery pack is charged.

  • Make sure the micro SIM card is 3G or LTE data enabled and activated by your telecom operator. When inserting the micro SIM card, be sure to follow the steps in Inserting a Micro SIM Card (Wireless WAN equipped models).

  • Make sure you have adequate mobile coverage in your area. Check with your carrier for additional coverage information for your location.

  • Make sure Airplane mode is Off on the PC settings screen.

  • Make sure the Mobile Broadband setting under Wireless devices is On on the PC settings screen.

  • Make sure that the Access Point Name (APN) is properly configured in your connection manager app. If not, contact your telecom operator to get the correct APN to use. Refer to the help file included with the app for more information.

  • Check that your connection manager app has detected the wireless WAN (WWAN) modem successfully. It may take some time for the app to detect the wireless WAN modem.


  • For more information on the wireless WAN function, visit the VAIO support website.