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Supported TV list

KD-X94xxC series
KD-X93xxC series
KD-X91xxC series
KD-X90xxC series
KD-X85xxC series
KD-X83xxC series
KD-X80xxC series
KDL-W95xC series
KDL-W85xC series
KDL-W80xC series
KDL-W75xC series
KDL-W70xC series
KD-S85xxC series
KD-S80xxC series
KD-X95xxB series
KD-X90xxB series
KD-X85xxB series
KD-X80xxB series
KD-S90xxB series
KD-X900xA series
KD-X850xA series
KDL-W95xB series
KDL-W90xB series
KDL-W85xB series
KDL-W83xB series
KDL-W8xxB series
KDL-W7xxB series
KDL-W6xxB series
KDL-W95xA series
KDL-W92xA series
KDL-W90xA series
KDL-W85xA series
KDL-W80xA series
KDL-W70xA series
KDL-W67xA series
KDL-W65xA series
KDL-W60xA series
KDL-W5xxA series
KDL-S99xA series

It is necessary to update the software of the BRAVIA TV.
To update the software, refer to the instruction manual of the TV.