Digital HD Video Camera RecorderHDR-CX405/CX440/CX470/PJ410/PJ440

About Live Streaming (HDR-CX440/PJ410/PJ440)

Live Streaming is a function to stream real-time video to a video sharing site such as USTREAM, and can be accomplished by using this product with a Wi-Fi router or smartphone capable of tethering.

You can also send messages to your registered SNS (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to announce that you have started Live Streaming of video.*

* Registration to a video sharing site or SNS is required.

A: Wi-Fi

B: Tethering mode


D: Comments from viewers

E: Video sharing site such as USTREAM

To perform Live Streaming, the following preparations are required.

Set the following settings for streaming in the Live Streaming settings of this product.

  • User registration to video sharing site (such as USTREAM)
  • A smartphone (capable of tethering) or a Wi-Fi network environment
  • Live Streaming feature is dependent upon the Third Party Internet Provider's service and terms in your region. The feature may not be available due to your region's broadband and internet service restriction.
  • For the tethering settings of your smartphone or the Wi-Fi network settings of your router, refer to the instructions manual of your smartphone or your Wi-Fi router. For more details about the Wi-Fi network settings, consult the network service provider.