Digital HD Video Camera RecorderHDR-CX405/CX440/CX470/PJ410/PJ440

Connecting this product to more than one camera with Multi Camera Control (Multi Connection) (HDR-CX440/PJ410/PJ440)

You can connect this product with other cameras via Wi-Fi. By connecting via Wi-Fi, you can control other cameras with this product.

  1. Turn on the power of the cameras you want to connect and set them in a state ready for Wi-Fi connection.
    • For details on the operation, refer to the instructions manual of the cameras.
  2. Turn on this product, then select - [Wireless] - [Setting] - [Multi Camera Ctrl Set] - [Multi Connection].
  3. Select - [Wireless] - [Function] - [Multi Camera Control].
  4. Select .
  5. Select [Connect Device Reg].
    • This product enters registration waiting status (registration waiting status ends in about 2 minutes).
  6. Perform connecting operation on the camera you want to connect with this product.
    • For details on the Wi-Fi connection, refer to the instruction manuals of the cameras.
  7. Select [OK] when it is displayed on the screen of the product to finish the registration.
  8. Repeat steps 4 to 7 for each camera you want to connect.


  • A maximum of five cameras (compatible with Multi Camera Control) can be registered to this product.
  • The operations in step 4 - 8 are necessary only for the first-time registration.
  • Change the settings of the camera you want to connect to before the registration waiting status of this product ends.
  • This product displays a character string deleting “DIRECT-“ from the SSID of the camera you want to connect to as the SSID of the camera.