Digital 4K Video Camera RecorderFDR-AX40/AX53/AX55/AXP55

Error messages during Live Streaming

If any trouble occurs when connecting to Live Streaming, the following messages appear. Follow the instructions for each error message to resolve the problem.


Live streaming information has not been set to the device. Verify the settings on a computer.

  • Set the necessary settings for Ustream (currently IBM Cloud Video) using “PlayMemories Home.”

Cannot stream. Login to USTREAM failed. Verify the settings on a computer.

  • Log in to Ustream (currently IBM Cloud Video) again and confirm the settings using “PlayMemories Home.”

Cannot stream. There is an USTREAM channel error. Verify the settings on a computer.

  • The channel set by “PlayMemories Home” is incorrect.
  • This message also displays if other media starts streaming on the same channel while streaming from this product is performed.
  • Set the channel again.

Cannot stream. Please verify the date & time setting of the device.

  • Set the date and time again on this product.

Could not find connectable access point.

  • Access point has been found but is not connected. Check the password of the access point and connect again.



  • The network is temporarily unavailable.

Could not save the movie on USTREAM.

  • The saving settings of video cannot be saved to Ustream (currently IBM Cloud Video) because an error has occurred on the network.

Could not find an access point.

  • Access point cannot be found. Confirm the setting of the access point using [Access point settings] of this product.

[Network Service]

USTREAM error occurred.

  • An unknown error has occurred on Ustream (currently IBM Cloud Video). Wait a moment and then try confirming the connection again.