Digital Media PlayerNW-A25/A25HN/A26HN/A27HN

Adjusting noise canceling

The noise canceling function is available only with noise canceling headphones. The noise canceling headphones that are compatible with this product are MDR-NW750N/MDR-NW750NE.

Your Walkman has been set to obtain the maximum effect of the noise canceling function. However, you may be able to enhance the effect depending on your ear shape or usage environment by increasing (or decreasing) the sensitivity of the microphone that the compatible headphones are equipped with.

  1. From the Home menu, select [Noise Canceling].
  2. Select [Set Noise Cancel Level] - desired setting.
    The setting can be adjusted in 31 steps. The center position of the slider is the setting where the maximum effect is obtained in a standard environment. Adjust as desired.


  • Maximizing microphone sensitivity does not necessarily enhance the noise canceling effect.