Digital Media PlayerNWZ-A15/A17

Repeating the same section

You can set a specified section (from point A to point B) in an audio file, and play this section repeatedly while using the language study function (A-B repeat).

  1. Operation guidance
  2. Point A (starting point of A-B repeat)
  3. Point B (ending point of A-B repeat)
  4. Section A-B (playback repeat section)
  1. Press the button () to specify point A during playback in the language study function.
  2. Press the button () to specify point B.

    Allow an interval of at least 1 second between point A and B. If you press the button () within 1 second of point A, you cannot set point B.

A-B repeat operations

During A-B repeat, you can pause, resume playback, fast forward, fast rewind and [Quick Replay] as usual. In addition to this, you can perform the following operations.

To return to point A

Press the button ().

To proceed to point B and exit A-B repeat

Press the button ().

To exit A-B repeat

Press the button ().


  • If point B is not set, the section from point A to the end of the audio file is played back repeatedly.