Savor High-Resolution Audio with compressed audio files

Activate your Walkman’s DSEE HX function1) to upgrade to audio files equivalent to those of High-Resolution2) while restoring high-range sound removed in the compression process. This re-creates the vividness of instruments and vocals and the atmosphere at a performance. CD audio quality also is upscaled to a resolution equivalent to that of High-Resolution2).
DSEE, which stands for Digital Sound Enhancement Engine, is a high sound range restoration technology developed by Sony.

1) Available with NWZ-F880 series Walkman software updated to Ver. 1.10 or later.

2) Extended to equivalent of up to 192 kHz/24 bit.

Operating procedures


On the Home screen, tap - [Settings] - [Sound].


Tap [Sound Settings].


Tap the [Settings] tab.


Tap [DSEE HX] to activate the function.

A check mark is displayed when the function is activated.

Play a compressed audio track and compare with before activating DSEE HX.