Digital Still Camera DSC-RX100M3

Creating a disc with a device other than a computer

You can also create discs using a Blu-ray recorder, etc. Depending on which device you use, the types of disc that can be created vary.

Blu-ray recorder:

High-definition image quality (HD)

Standard definition image quality (STD)

HDD recorder, etc:

Standard definition image quality (STD)


  • When creating AVCHD discs using PlayMemories Home from movies recorded with the [Record Setting] of [60p 28M(PS)]/[50p 28M(PS)], [60i 24M(FX)]/[50i 24M(FX)] or [24p 24M(FX)]/[25p 24M(FX)], the image quality is converted and it is not possible to create discs that have the original image quality. Converting the image quality takes time. To record movies with the original image quality, use Blu-ray Discs.
  • To create a Blu-ray Disc from movies recorded in [60p 28M(PS)]/[50p 28M(PS)], you need to use a device that is compliant with AVCHD format Ver. 2.0. The created Blu-ray Disc can be played back only on a device that is compliant with AVCHD format Ver. 2.0.
  • For details on how to create a disc, refer to the operating instructions of the device you use.
  • Movies recorded with [File Format] set to [XAVC S] cannot be copied to discs.