Digital Still Camera DSC-RX100M3

Manual Exposure

You can shoot with the desired exposure setting by adjusting both the shutter speed and aperture. The shutter speed and the aperture value can be changed while recording movies.

  1. Set the mode dial to M (Manual Exposure).
  2. Press the bottom side of the control wheel to select the shutter speed or aperture value, then turn the control wheel to select a value.
    When [ISO] is set to other than [ISO AUTO], use MM (Metered Manual) to check the exposure value.
    Toward +: Images become brighter.
    Toward - : Images become darker.
    0: Appropriate exposure analyzed by the product
  3. Adjust the focus and shoot the subject.


  • When [ISO] is set to [ISO AUTO], the ISO value automatically changes to achieve the appropriate exposure using the aperture value and shutter speed you have set. If the aperture value and shutter speed you have set are not suitable for appropriate exposure, the ISO value indicator will blink.
  • The Metered Manual indicator does not appear when [ISO] is set to [ISO AUTO].
  • When the amount of ambient light exceeds the metering range of the Metered Manual, the Metered Manual indicator flashes.
  • The (SteadyShot warning) indicator does not appear in manual exposure mode.
  • The brightness of the image on the monitor may differ from the actual image being shot.
  • You cannot select [Auto] under [ND Filter].


  • By assigning [AEL hold] or [AEL toggle] to a desired button and turning the control ring or the control wheel while pressing that button, you can change the shutter speed and aperture (F-value) combination without changing the set exposure value. (Manual shift)