Digital Still Camera DSC-RX100M3

Identifying parts

  1. ON/OFF (Power) switch
  2. Power/Charge lamp
  3. Shutter button
  4. Mode dial
  5. For shooting: W/T (zoom) lever
    For viewing: (Image Index) lever/ (Playback zoom) lever
  6. Self-timer lamp/AF illuminator
  7. Flash
    • Do not cover the flash with your finger.
    • When using the flash, slide the (Flash pop-up) switch.
      If not using the flash, press it down manually.
  8. Diopter-adjustment lever
    • Move the diopter-adjustment lever until the image is clear in the viewfinder.
  9. Viewfinder
    • Slide the Viewfinder pop-up switch to raise the viewfinder. Grasp both sides of the eyepiece and pull it towards the screen until it clicks.
    • When you look into the viewfinder, the viewfinder mode is activated, and when you move your face away from the viewfinder, the viewing mode returns to monitor mode.
  10. Microphone
  11. Viewfinder pop-up switch
    • If you slide the viewfinder pop-up switch when the power is off, the camera turns on.
  12. Hook for strap
  13. (N mark)
    • Touch the mark when you connect the camera to a smartphone equipped with the NFC function.
    • NFC (Near Field Communication) is an international standard of the short-range wireless communication technology.
  14. Control ring
  15. Lens

  16. Eye sensor
  17. (Flash pop-up) switch
  18. Monitor
    • You can adjust the monitor to an easily viewable angle and shoot from any position.

  19. Light sensor
  20. For shooting: Fn (Function) button
    For viewing: (Send to Smartphone) button
    • You can display the screen for [Send to Smartphone] by pressing this button.
  21. MOVIE (Movie) button
  22. Multi/Micro USB Terminal
    • Supports Micro USB compatible device.
  23. HDMI micro jack
  24. MENU button
  25. Wi-Fi sensor (built-in)
  26. Control wheel
  27. (Playback) button
  28. For shooting: C (Custom) button
    For viewing: (Delete) button

  29. Battery insertion slot
  30. Battery lock lever
  31. Tripod socket hole
    • Use a tripod with a screw less than 5.5 mm (7/32 inches) long. Otherwise, you cannot firmly secure the camera, and damage to the camera may occur.
  32. Access lamp
  33. Memory card slot
  34. Battery/Memory card cover
  35. Speaker