Digital Still CameraDSC-KW1/KW11

White Balance

Color tones are adjusted according to surrounding light conditions. Use this function if image color appears unnatural.

  1. MENU - (White Balance)
  2. Desired mode - [OK]

(Auto)(Default setting):

Adjusts white balance automatically so that colors appear natural.


Adjusts for outdoors conditions on a fine day, evening views, night scenes, neon signs, fireworks, etc.


Adjusts for a cloudy sky or a shady location.

(Fluorescent White Balance 1):

Adjusts for white fluorescent lighting.

(Fluorescent White Balance 2):

Adjusts for natural white fluorescent lighting.

(Fluorescent White Balance 3):

Adjusts for daylight fluorescent lighting.


Adjusts for places under incandescent lamp, or under bright lighting, such as in a photo studio.