Digital Still CameraDSC-KW1/KW11

Write Date

Sets whether to record a shooting date on the still image.

  1. Set the camera to shooting mode.
  2. MENU - (Settings) - (Shooting Settings) - [Write Date] - desired mode

On ():

Records a shooting date.

When [On] is selected, the mark will appear on the screen while shooting. However, in some shooting modes that cannot record dates on images, the mark will disappear.

Off(Default setting):

Does not record a shooting date.


  • You cannot record dates in movie mode.
  • If you shot images with the date once, you cannot delete the date from the images later.
  • Dates are doubly printed, if you set the camera to superimpose the dates when printing.
  • The recorded time of the image cannot be superimposed on the image.