Digital Still CameraDSC-KW1/KW11

Deleting images

You can select and delete unwanted images.

  1. Touch (Playback) to switch to playback mode.
  2. Select an image by dragging the screen.
  3. (Delete) - [OK]

Deleting images from the MENU button

After step 1, touch MENU - (Delete) - desired mode - [OK].

This Image:

Deletes the image in single-image mode.

Multiple Images:

Allows you to select and delete multiple images. Select an image, then touch it.

To cancel the selection, touch the image again to cancel the mark.


You can switch between index and single-image mode when selecting images

  • When you select (Multiple Images), touch on the index screen to return to the single-image screen, and touch on the single-image screen to return to the index screen.