Digital Still CameraDSC-KW1/KW11

On cleaning

Cleaning the lens

Wipe the lens with a soft cloth to remove fingerprints, dust, etc.

Cleaning the lens

  • Do not use any cleaners that contain organic solvents such as benzine or thinner.
  • When you need to clean the lens surface, remove dust with a blower (commercially available).
  • If the camera is very dirty, moisten a soft cloth or lens tissue with the lens cleaner and wipe the lens gently in a circular motion from the center. Do not spray the lens cleaner onto the lens surface directly.

Cleaning the camera surface

Clean the camera surface with a soft cloth slightly moistened with water, then wipe the surface with a dry cloth. To prevent damage to the finish or casing:

  • Do not expose the camera to chemical products such as thinner, benzine, alcohol, disposable cloths, insect repellent, sunscreen or insecticide.
  • Do not touch the camera with any of the above on your hand.
  • Do not leave the camera in contact with rubber or vinyl for a long time.