Digital Still CameraDSC-KW1/KW11

Beauty Effect

Allows you to apply a cosmetic effect on a recorded still image to make a person in the image look better; for example, retouching for smoother skin, larger eyes or slimmer face. You can set the effects from level 0 to 10. The effected file is saved as a new file. The original image is retained as is.

  1. Touch (Playback) to switch to playback mode.
  2. Touch (Beauty Effect).
  3. Select a face that you want to apply a cosmetic effect.
  4. Select the desired effect and perform retouching according to the operation method in each mode.

(Skin Toning):

Retouch the image to change the skin color to the desired effect.

(Skin Smoothing):

Retouch the image to remove age spots and wrinkles from the skin.

(Shine Removal):

Retouch the image to suppress the oily skin look.

(Eye Widening):

Retouch the image to enlarge the eyes.

(Face Slimming):

Retouch the image to make the slim face.

To use multiple effects continuously, select a different effect after setting the first effect.


  • You cannot use [Beauty Effect] for the following images
    • Movies
  • You cannot apply a cosmetic effect on an extremely small face in the image.
  • To apply a cosmetic effect on more than one face, select a previously-saved image file processed by a cosmetic effect, then select another face to apply that effect.
  • The cosmetic effect may not produce a satisfactory result in the case of some images.