Digital Still Camera DSC-RX100M5

List of icons on the screen

The displayed contents and their positions shown below are just a guideline, and may differ from the actual display.

For shooting

For playback

  1. P P* A S M
    Shoot Mode
    Memory recall
    Memory card/Upload
    Scene Recognition icons
    Scene Selection
    Remaining number of recordable images
    Aspect ratio of still images
    20M / 18M / 17M / 13M / 10M / 7.5M / 6.5M / 5.0M / 4.2M / 3.7M / VGA
    Image size of still images
    Image quality of still images
    Frame rate of movies
    Record setting of movies
    NFC is activated
    Remaining battery
    Remaining battery warning
    USB power supply
    Flash charge in progress
    AF Illuminator
    SteadyShot Off/On, Camera shake warning
    Airplane Mode
    Overlay icon
    No audio recording of movies
    Micref Level Low
    Wind Noise Reduct.
    Setting Effect OFF 
    Database file full/Database file error
    Overheating warning
    Remaining recordable time when overheating warning is displayed
    Smart Zoom/Clear Image Zoom/Digital Zoom
    Spot metering area
    Self-diagnosis display
    Digital level gauge
    View Mode 
    Folder-File number
    File format of movies
    DPOF set
    Auto object framing image
    Dual Video REC
    PC Remote
    Bright Monitoring
    Copyright information writing on
    240fps 250fps 480fps 500fps 960fps 1000fps
    Frame rate for HFR shooting
    Recording timing
    Gamma Disp. Assist
    Writing data/Number of images left to write
    Capturing still image
    Unable to shoot Still images
    Auto Dual Rec
  2. Drive Mode
    Metering Mode
    Flash Mode/Red Eye Reduction
    Flash Comp. 
    Focus Mode
    7500K A5 G5
    White Balance (Auto, Preset, Underwater Auto, Custom, Color temperature, Color filter)
    Focus Area
    DRO/Auto HDR
    ND Filter
    +3 +3 +3
    Creative Style/Contrast, Saturation, Sharpness
    Smile/Face Detect. 
    Picture Effect

    Smile detection sensitivity indicator

    Picture Profile 
  3. Lock-on AF
    Guide display for Lock-on AF
    Select Focus Point On/Off
    Guide display for setting [Focus Area]
    Switch Av/Tv
    Guide display for switching aperture value and shutter speed

    Bracket indicator

    Movie recording standby
    REC 0:12
    Recording time of the movie (m:s)
    Control ring function
    Control wheel function
    Shutter speed
    Aperture Value
    Metered Manual
    Exposure compensation
    ISO sensitivity
    AE lock
    Shutter speed indicator
    Aperture indicator


    Picture Effect error
    Auto HDR image warning
    Date of recording
    File number/Number of images in the view mode
    Copyright information exists for image
    REC Control
    Time code (hour:minute:second:frame)
    00 00 00 00
    User Bit
    Shooting Standby Shooting Setting
    Guide display for HFR shooting