Digital Still Camera DSC-RX100

The advantages of automatic shooting

This camera is equipped with the following three automatic shooting modes: [Intelligent Auto], [Superior Auto], and [Program Auto].

(Intelligent Auto):
Allows you to shoot with automatic scene recognition.

(Superior Auto):
Allows you to shoot with automatic scene recognition. This mode takes clear images of dark or backlit scenes.

P (Program Auto):
Allows you to adjust various shooting settings such as white balance or ISO value, etc.

  • Aperture value and shutter speed are automatically set by the camera.


  • In [Superior Auto] mode and when the (overlay icon) is displayed, be sure not to move the camera before the multiple shots are recorded.
  • In [Program Auto] mode, you can change the combination of shutter speed and aperture value while maintaining the correct exposure by turning the control wheel. This function is called "Program Shift" (P*).


  • In [Superior Auto] mode, the recording process takes longer, since the product creates a composite image. In this case, the (overlay icon) is displayed and the shutter sound is heard multiple times, but only one image is recorded.
  • For [Intelligent Auto] and [Superior Auto] mode, most of the functions are set automatically, and you cannot adjust the settings on your own.