Digital Still Camera DSC-RX100

Custom Key Settings

Assigning functions to the desired keys allows you to speed up operations by pressing the appropriate key when the shooting information screen is displayed to execute an assigned function.

  1. MENU (Custom Settings) → [Custom Key Settings] → set a function to the desired key.

Examples of functions that can only be assigned with custom keys

Depending on the options selected in [Focus Area] or [Center Lock-on AF], the available functions varies when pressing the key.
  • When you press the key while [Focus Area] is set to [Flexible Spot], you can change the position of the focusing frame by pressing the top/bottom/right/left side of the control wheel.
  • When you press the key when the [Focus Area] is set to [Wide] or [Center] and [Center Lock-on AF] is [On], [Center Lock-on AF] will activate.


  • Some functions cannot be assigned to certain keys.