Digital Still Camera DSC-RX100

Battery life and the number of images that can be recorded/played back using a battery pack

Shooting (still images):
Battery life: approx. 165 min., Number of images: approx. 330

Viewing (still images):
Battery life: approx. 250 min., Number of images: approx. 5000

Shooting (movies):
Battery life: approx. 80 min.


  • The above estimates for battery life and number of recordable images apply when the battery pack has been fully charged. The battery life and number of images may decrease depending on the conditions of use.
  • The battery life and number of recordable images are estimates based on shooting with the default settings under the following conditions:
    • Using the battery pack at an ambient temperature of 25°C (77°F).
    • Using Sony Memory Stick PRO Duo (Mark2) media (sold separately)
  • The numbers for “Shooting (still images)” are based on the CIPA standard and shooting under the following conditions (CIPA: Camera & Imaging Products Association):
    • One picture is taken every 30 seconds.
    • The power is turned on and off once every ten times.
    • The flash strobes once for every two times.
    • The zoom is switched alternately between the W and T ends.
  • The number of minutes for movie shooting is based on the shooting under the following conditions:
    • The image quality is set to AVCHD 60i 17M (FH)/50i 17M (FH).
    • Battery life based on non-stop shooting until the limit (29 minutes) has been reached, and then continued by pressing the MOVIE (Movie) button again. Other functions, such as zooming, are not operated.