Digital Zoom

Selects the digital zoom mode. The camera enlarges the image using optical zoom (up to 10×). When the zoom scale is exceeded, the camera uses either smart or precision digital zoom.
  1. Set the camera to shooting mode.

  1. MENU (Settings) (Shooting Settings) [Digital Zoom] desired mode

Smart ()
Enlarges the image digitally within the range where the image will not be distorted, according to the image size (Smart zoom).

Precision ()
Enlarges all image sizes by the total zoom scale of approximately 40×, including the optical zoom 10×. However, note that the image quality deteriorates when the optical zoom scale is exceeded (Precision digital zoom).

Does not use the digital zoom.

  • The Digital Zoom function does not operate in the following situations:

  • In Intelligent Sweep Panorama mode

  • When the Smile Shutter function is activated.

  • When [Self-Timer] is set to [Self-portrait One Person] or [Self-portrait Two People].

  • The Smart zoom is not available when the image size is set to [16M] or [16:9(12M)].

  • The Smart zoom is not available when recording movies.

  • The Face Detection function does not work when using the digital zoom.

Total zoom scale when using Smart zoom (including optical zoom 10×)

The supported zoom ratio differs depending on the image size.

Total zoom scale
Approx. 12×
Approx. 17×
Approx. 72×
Approx. 24×