GPS setting (DSC-HX7V only)

The built-in GPS and direction sensor of this camera acquire the information on location or the shooting direction, and record on images. Using the supplied software “PMB”, you can import photos and movies recorded with location and shooting direction information to a computer and enjoy viewing them with a map which shows their shooting location. See “PMB Help” for details.
  1. MENU (Settings) (Main Settings) [GPS setting] desired mode

GPS direction sensor is activated.
GPS direction sensor is inactivated. If you do not want to record location and direction information, select [Off] for the GPS setting.

To receive a GPS signal
  • Proper triangulation is not possible indoors or near tall buildings. Use your camera in an open area outside, and turn on your camera again.

  • If no triangulation icon appears, even if you wait for several minutes, you may be in an area where GPS signal reception is difficult or impossible. Begin shooting where you are, or move to an open area outside. If you shoot where you are, no location information will be recorded.

  • The shooting direction is not recorded when shooting movies.

  • The location and direction information is not recorded when the movie is recorded on the internal memory.

  • During take off and landing of an airplane, turn off the camera, as you will be instructed to do by the on-board announcement.

  • Use GPS in accordance with the regulations of the place or situation.

  • It may take from several tens of seconds to several minutes to acquire the location information when you use the GPS for the first time or use it again after long intervals. Triangulating time can be shortened by taking in GPS assist data. [Details]

  • The information on the shooting direction acquired by this camera is based on magnetic north (the direction a compass needle points).

  • If the camera is in close proximity to a magnetic source or a metal, an error may arise in the direction sensor. Keep the camera away from a magnetic source or a metal, if at all possible.

  • The correct shooting direction may not be recorded or displayed in the following cases:

  • Near a building, a footbridge, an iron bridge, a vehicle, an iron tower

  • Near electric apparatus, such as a television, speaker, refrigerator, mobile phone, headphones

  • Near a steel desk or steel chair, etc.

  • Direction information will become unstable if this camera is pointed upwards.

  • Do not cover the GPS sensor with your finger when searching for GPS satellites or when triangulating. This decreases the sensitivity of the GPS sensor and triangulation may fail.

Checking triangulating status

The indicator changes according to the strength of GPS signal reception when GPS is activated. The triangulating status can also be checked using [Position Information]. [Details] You can check the shooting direction with the direction icon displayed on the screen.

Triangulating status
GPS indicators
GPS reception status
No indicator
[GPS setting] is set to [Off] or an error occurred.
Your camera cannot find a GPS signal, therefore, it cannot acquire the location information. Use your camera in an open area.
Searching for GPS satellites. It may take several minutes to start triangulating.
Your camera is receiving a GPS signal, and can acquire location information.

Shooting direction

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