You can select TransferJet communication settings. TransferJet is a close-up, wireless transfer technology that allows data to be transferred by closely aligning two products that you want to communicate with each other. To find out whether your camera is equipped with the TransferJet function, check for the (TransferJet) mark on the bottom of the camera.
Using a Memory Stick with TransferJet (sold separately) allows images to be transferred between TransferJet-compatible devices.
For more details on TransferJet, see the Operating Instructions supplied with Memory Stick with TransferJet.
  1. MENU (Settings) (Main Settings) [TransferJet] desired mode

Communicates using TransferJet.

Does not communicate using TransferJet.

What is TransferJet?
TransferJet allows you to share images by sending and receiving image data. Insert a Memory Stick with TransferJet in your camera and align two (TransferJet) marks of the camera and another device that supports this function.
For details on image transfer, see [Details].
  • In Easy Mode, [TransferJet] is fixed to [Off].

  • While aboard an airplane, set [TransferJet] to [Off]. In addition, always follow all regulations governing the location in which the camera is being used.

  • The connection is cut if transfer cannot be made within about 30 seconds. If this happens, select [Yes] and again align two (TransferJet) marks on the camera and another device.

  • Memory Stick with TransferJet and camera models with TransferJet are not sold in some countries and regions due to local laws and regulations.

  • Set the [TransferJet] function to [Off] in countries and regions other than where you purchased your camera. Depending on the country or region, if you use the TransferJet function, you may be liable due to local restrictions on transmission of electromagnetic waves.

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