Scene Selection

Allows you to shoot with preset settings according to the scene.
For still images:
  1. Set the mode dial to (Scene Selection).

  1. Select the desired mode.

For movies:
  1. Set the mode dial to (Movie Mode).

  1. MENU (Movie shooting scene) (Scene Selection) on the control button

  1. Select the desired mode.

Scene Selection modes with an * mark are not available for (Scene Selection) in [Movie shooting scene].

(Soft Skin)*
Allows you to shoot faces for smoothness.
(Background Defocus)*
Allows you to shoot an image with background defocus and define the subject.
(Soft Snap)
Allows you to shoot images with a softer atmosphere for portraits and flowers, etc.
(Anti Motion Blur)*
Allows you to shoot indoor shots without using the flash to reduce subject blur.
Allows easy shooting of distant scenes by focusing in the distance. Shoots the clear sky and trees and flowers in vivid colors.
(Backlight Correction HDR)*
Allows you to shoot three images having different exposures to create a single image with a greater range of gradation. The camera combines the dark parts of an image taken with a bright exposure setting and the bright parts of an image taken with a dark exposure setting.
(Twilight Portrait)*
Allows you to shoot sharp images of people with the night view in the background without compromising the atmosphere.
(Twilight )
Allows you to shoot night scenes at far distance without losing the dark atmosphere of the surroundings.
(Hand-held Twilight)*
Allows you to shoot night scenes with less noise without using a tripod.
(High Sensitivity)
For still images, allows you to shoot images without a flash under low light conditions, reducing blur. For movies, allows you to record low light scenes with more brightness.
Allows you to shoot food arrangements in delicious and bright colors using Macro mode.
Allows you to shoot images of your pet with the best settings.
Allows you to shoot images with the proper settings for seaside or lakeside scenes.
Allows you to record clear images preventing sunken colors in snowy scenes or other places where the whole screen appears white.
Allows you to record fireworks in all their splendor.
(Advanced Sports Shooting)*
Allows you to shoot subjects with fast movements such as sports. While the shutter is pressed halfway, the movement of the subject is predicted and the focus will be adjusted.

  • When you shoot images using (Twilight Portrait), (Twilight ) or (Fireworks) mode, the shutter speed is slower and the images tend to blur. To prevent blurring, the use of a tripod is recommended.

  • You may not be able to set some functions or MENU items depending on the selected REC mode. For details, see “Functions not available in some REC modes” [Details] and “MENU items not available in some REC modes.” [Details]