Operation flow to transfer contents to your “WALKMAN”

You can enjoy various contents stored on your computer with your “WALKMAN.” Transfer contents to your “WALKMAN” in the following ways.

Transferring music/videos/photos/podcasts using Media Go

You can use Media Go to import music from your CDs, etc., for transfer to your “WALKMAN.” You can also transfer videos/photos/podcasts managed in Media Go to your “WALKMAN.” If you have already managed music with iTunes, etc., you can use Media Go to transfer contents to your “WALKMAN.”
For details on how to use Media Go, see the following topics.
  • Importing music from CDs using Media Go [Details]

  • Transferring contents using Media Go [Details]

Transferring music/videos/photos/podcasts by drag-and-drop using Windows Explorer

You can directly transfer music/videos/photos/podcasts stored on your computer by drag-and-drop using Windows Explorer.
For how to use Windows Explorer, see [Details].
  • For detailed information on how to import contents, refer to the Help of each software.

  • For details about supported file formats, see [Details].

  • If you transfer contents that use digital rights management technology for Windows Media (“WM-DRM”), use Windows Media Player. Availability of “WM-DRM” varies depending on country/region.

  • Do not leave your “WALKMAN” connected for extended periods to a laptop computer that is not connected to AC power, since your “WALKMAN” may discharge the computer’s battery.

  • Disconnect your “WALKMAN” from the computer before turning on or restarting the computer.

  • Commercial DVDs and Blu-ray Discs are copyright protected and cannot be transferred to your “WALKMAN.”

  • Media Go cannot transfer “WM-DRM” contents used in Windows Media Player to your “WALKMAN.”