Charging the battery

The battery of your “WALKMAN” is recharged while your “WALKMAN” is connected to a running computer using the USB cable (supplied with NWZ-S763/S764/S765), or the Micro USB cable and charge cable (supplied with NWZ-S763BT/S764BT). For details on connecting the Micro USB cable and charge cable, see [Details].
When the remaining battery indication in the upper right corner of the display shows , charging is completed. (Charging time is approx. 3 hours.)
When you use your “WALKMAN” for the first time, or if you have not used your “WALKMAN” for a long time, recharge it fully (to in the remaining battery indication of the display).
  • Using the [Battery Care] mode shortens usage time at one time but you can extend the battery lifespan [Details].

  • When charging is complete, the screen will turn off.

About the battery indicator

The battery indicator in the information area shows the remaining battery charge.
Charge the battery when the battery indicator flashes. See [Details] on battery duration.

Notes on charging the battery

  • If you charge your “WALKMAN” when it has not been used for a long period, your computer may not recognize it, or nothing may appear on the display. Charge your “WALKMAN” for about 5 minutes, after which it should start operating normally again.

  • Charge the battery in an ambient temperature of between 5 °C to 35 °C (41 ºF to 95 ºF). If you try to charge the battery in an ambient temperature outside this range, the icon may appear, and charging cannot be performed.

  • The number of times the battery can be recharged before it is used up is approximately 500 times. This number may vary, depending on the conditions under which you use your “WALKMAN.”

  • The control buttons on your “WALKMAN” become inoperative while it is connected to a computer.

  • To prevent battery deterioration, charge the battery at least once every half a year or every year.

  • Do not leave your “WALKMAN” connected for extended periods to a laptop computer that is not connected to AC power, since your “WALKMAN” may discharge the computer’s battery.

  • Disconnect your “WALKMAN” from the computer before you turn on, restart, wake up from sleep mode, or shut down the computer.

  • Heat may build up in your “WALKMAN” while charging. This is not a malfunction.

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