Extending the battery life

By adjusting the settings or managing the power supply properly, you can save battery power for longer usage time between charges.

Turn off your “WALKMAN” manually

If you press and hold the OPTION/PWR OFF button, your “WALKMAN” enters standby mode and the screen turns off to save battery power.

Set for longer battery life

  • Set as below to turn off the screen as frequently as possible during music playback.

  • Set [Screen Off Timer] to [15 Sec] (the shortest waiting time).

  • Set [Display Lyrics] to other than [On (Screen Always On)].

  • Set [Karaoke/Language Study] to other than [Maximum Karaoke Mode] or [Minimum Karaoke Mode].

  • Reduce the use of Bluetooth functions and use wired headphones.

  • Reduce the [Brightness] setting value.

  • Set [Equalizer], [VPT (Surround)], [DSEE (Sound Enhance)], [Clear Stereo], [Dynamic Normalizer] and [DPC (Speed Control)] to [None] or [Off].

See [Details] for details on the effect of setting changes, default settings, and battery life measurement conditions.

Adjust data format and bit rate

Playing time will vary, as usage time can be affected by the format and bit rate of songs, videos or photos that are played.
For details on charging time and usage time, see [Details].
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