Setting the current time [Set Date-Time]

You can set the date and time.
  1. From the Home menu, select [Settings] [Common Settings] [Clock Settings] [Set Date-Time].

  1. Press the / buttons to select the year, and then press the / buttons to change the value.

  1. As in step 2, adjust the settings for month, date, hour, and minutes, and then press the button to confirm.

  • You can select the date format from [YYYY/MM/DD], [MM/DD/YYYY], or [DD/MM/YYYY] [Details]. Furthermore, you can select the time format from either [12-hour] or [24-hour] [Details].

  • If battery power is used up because, for example, your “WALKMAN” has not been used for a long time, your settings for date and time may be lost, and “-” will be displayed instead of the current date and time.

  • The clock may gain or lose up to 60 seconds per month.

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