Parts and controls

  1. BACK/HOME button [Details]

Press to go up one list screen level, or to return to the previous menu.
Press and hold the BACK/HOME button to display the Home menu.
  1. 5-way button (*1) [Details]

Press to start playback or navigate through the on-screen menus of your “WALKMAN.”
(*1) There is a tactile dot. Use it to help with button operations.
  1. Headphone jack

Insert the headphone plug until it clicks into place. If the headphones are connected improperly, the sound from the headphones will be impaired.
  1. WM-PORT jack

Connect the USB cable (supplied), or peripheral devices (not supplied).
  1. Display

  1. Bluetooth indicator [Details]

Indicates the status of the Bluetooth function.

  1. VOL + (*1)/– button

Press to adjust the volume.
(*1) There is a tactile dot. Use it to help with button operations.
  1. OPTION/PWR OFF button [Details]

Press to display the option menu.
If you press and hold the OPTION/PWR OFF button, the screen turns off and your “WALKMAN” enters standby mode [Details].
  1. HOLD switch

You can protect your “WALKMAN” against accidental operation during transportation by setting the HOLD switch. By sliding the HOLD switch in the direction of the arrow , all operation buttons are disabled.
  1. Strap hole

This is used to attach a strap (not supplied).
  1. Microphone [Details]

Use to make voice recordings.
  1. RESET button [Details]

Press the RESET button with a small pin, etc., to reset your “WALKMAN.”

Note on the Bluetooth antenna (aerial)

Do not cover the Bluetooth antenna (aerial) with hands, etc., during Bluetooth communication. Bluetooth communication may be interrupted. For details on Bluetooth status, see [Details].
  1. Bluetooth antenna (aerial)