List of screen icons

The icons vary according to the playback status, setting or screen.
  1. Information area

Icons of the information area

, , , ,
, , etc.
Playback status [Details].
Hold indication [Details].
Remaining battery power [Details].
Alarm timer [Details].
Sleep timer [Details].
Busy status indication.
Music functions available [Details].

Icons other than the information area

, , ,
Play Mode [Details].
Playback Range [Details].
, , , , ,
Equalizer [Details].
, , , ,
VPT (Surround) [Details].
Displays song lyrics [Details].
There is a song lyrics file (LRC file) for the current song [Details].
Search menu [Details].
Option menu [Details].
Returns to the playback screen [Details].
Scene scroll screen [Details].
Audio episode.
Video episode.
Shows that the episode has never been played back.
Shows that the content is currently playing.
Recorded voice [Details].