Importing music from CDs using Media Go

You can use Media Go to copy (rip) music from your CDs. Follow these instructions to rip songs from a CD to your computer.
  • For details about usage on Media Go, refer to the Help of Media Go.

  1. Start up Media Go, and then insert an audio CD.

Media Go detects the CD and displays a window for CD information. When Media Go obtains the CD information (CD title, song name, artist name, etc.), it is displayed in the window.
  1. Click [Rip CD] ().

Wait until all songs have been imported.
  • Recommended file formats for ripping CDs are AAC (.mp4) and MP3 (.mp3). You can transfer music effectively to your “WALKMAN.”

  • Media Go obtains the CD information from a database on the Internet. However, depending on the CD, information may not be available in the database. If a CD’s information is missing, you can add it after importing. For information about adding and editing CD information, refer to the Help of Media Go.

  • Imported songs are limited to private use only. Use of a song beyond this limitation requires permission of the copyright holders.

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