Parts and controls (NWZ-S763BT/S764BT only)

  1. Headphones

  1. Shuttle switch (/)

  1. Bluetooth antenna (aerial)

  1. /POWER button

  1. Indicator (blue) (red)

Indicates the communication status (blue) or power status (red).
  1. USB jack

  1. VOL +/– button

  1. RESET button

  1. Clip

To control the Bluetooth headphones

Do this
Turn on/turn off
Press and hold the /POWER button for about 2 seconds. At startup, the indicator flashes and a beep sounds.
Press the /POWER button.
Perform pairing
Press and hold the /POWER button for about 7 seconds.
Find the beginning of the previous or current song/find the beginning of the next song
Rotate the shuttle switch to /.
Fast rewind/fast forward
Rotate and hold the shuttle switch to /.
Turn up/down the volume
Press the VOL +/- button.
Turn up/down the volume continuously
Press and hold the VOL +/- button.

  • If the Bluetooth headphones do not function as expected, press the RESET button with a small pin, etc. Pairing information will remain after resetting. You can connect the Bluetooth headphones with your “WALKMAN” via Bluetooth without pairing.

  • The Bluetooth headphones (supplied) are not designed to be waterproof or splash proof.

  • If the Bluetooth headphones are exposed to water or sweat, the internal parts may become corroded, and cause the Bluetooth headphones to malfunction.

  • Avoid getting the Bluetooth headphones wet, and do not use in moist environments.

  • Do not touch the controls or the USB jack with wet hands.

  • Use a dry cloth to wipe moisture or sweat from the Bluetooth headphones after use, and before connecting to your computer or recharging.

  • Do not cover the Bluetooth antenna (aerial) with hands, etc., during Bluetooth communication. Bluetooth communication may be interrupted.