Pairing procedure (NWZ-S763BT/S764BT only)

To use the Bluetooth headphones with other Bluetooth audio devices, perform pairing.
  1. Press and hold the /POWER button for about 7 seconds.

  • The Bluetooth headphones enter pairing status, and the indicator flashes blue and red alternately [Details].

To delete all pairing information

  1. Press and hold the shuttle switch to and the /POWER button together for about 7 seconds.

  • All pairing information of the Bluetooth headphones will be deleted.

  • The Bluetooth headphones (supplied) have been paired with your “WALKMAN.” You can use the Bluetooth headphones immediately after charging.

  • Deleting all pairing information also includes that of your “WALKMAN.” To connect the Bluetooth headphones with your “WALKMAN” via Bluetooth, perform pairing again.