Browsing and using the music screen

Music playback screen

  1. Information area

  1. Current song number/Total song number to be played (*1)

  1. Elapsed time/Total time (*1) (*2)

  1. Progress bar (*1) (*2)

  1. Play Mode [Details], Playback Range [Details], Equalizer [Details], VPT (Surround) [Details], A-B repeat [Details], Display Lyrics [Details] indication icons (*1)

  1. Song name

  1. Artist name

  1. Album title

(*1) These items disappear after a while.
(*2) While playing back variable bit rate (VBR) songs, the elapsed time indication and the progress bar indicator may be unstable and inaccurate.

Operations on the music playback screen

To (screen indication)
Do this
Play ()/pause () (*1)
Press the button.
Fast forward ()/
fast rewind ()
Press and hold the / button.
Find the beginning of the previous (or current) song ()/
find the beginning of the next song ()
Press the / button.
Browse album covers to select an album (*2)
Press the / button.
Add a song to bookmark list
Press and hold the button.
Return to the list screen
Press the BACK/HOME button.

(*1) During pause, if there is no operation for a while, your “WALKMAN” automatically enters standby mode.
(*2) You can browse album covers only when [Karaoke/Language Study] is set to [Off] [Details].

Music list screen

The following are examples of music list screens. When the index appears, you can move the cursor by pressing the / button.

Song list screen

  1. Index

The initials of song and album, etc., names in the list section appear.

Album list screen

  • You can change the display format of the album list to display the cover art only [Details].

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