Adjusting the playback speed (DPC)

You can adjust the playback speed between half and double normal speed by using the DPC (Digital Pitch Control) function. The audio is played back in natural tones by means of digital processing.
  • You can adjust the playback speed when [Karaoke/Language Study] is set to [Off] or [Language Study], but speed cannot be adjusted when set to [Maximum Karaoke Mode] or [Minimum Karaoke Mode] [Details].

  • The [DPC (Speed Control)] setting also affects the playback speed of an audio podcast [Details].

  1. From the Home menu, select [Settings] [Music Settings] [DPC (Speed Control)] desired setting type.

  • Slower speed: [x0.5], [x0.75], [x0.9]

  • Normal speed: [Off]

  • Faster speed: [x1.1], [x1.25], [x1.5], [x1.75], [x2.0]

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