Playing songs using “SensMe™ Channels”

You can play songs to fit your mood, current activity or time of day, etc., by selecting a particular channel.
  1. From the Home menu, select [SensMe™ Channels].

  1. Press the / button to select a desired channel.

  • If you change channels, analyzed songs using [Updating Channels] are played back from approximately 45 seconds into the songs. And, if a song is less than 90 seconds, playback starts roughly from the middle of the song.

  • Songs are played in random order. Each time you select a channel, the order of playback will vary.

  • If you transfer songs using Media Go, the songs are played back from the most melodic and rhythmical section.

  • Depending on the file format, certain songs cannot be analyzed by 12 TONE ANALYSIS of Media Go. For those files, perform [Updating Channels] from the option menu [Details].

  • You cannot play back recorded voice files or podcast episodes using “SensMe™ Channels.”

  • According to the analysis, a song may be selected by several channels or not selected at all. However, all songs can be played back using the [Shuffle All] channel.

  • Every time you perform [Updating Channels], the result of analysis may vary.

List of channels

Plays music for various times of the day.
[Shuffle All]
Plays all songs in random order.
Plays uptempo and high-energy music.
Plays calm and relaxing music.
Plays cheerful and uplifting music.
Plays soft and slow-tempo music.
Plays jazz and easy listening music.
Plays ballads.
Plays rhythm, rap and R & B music.
Plays loud and powerful music.

  • Channels that do not contain any songs are not displayed in the list.

  • To listen to [Morning], [Daytime], [Evening], [Night] or [Midnight] according to the timetable, [Set Date-Time] [Details] needs to be set. If [Set Date-Time] is not set, [Morning] will be selected.

  • While playing back a time-based channel, the channel will not shift to the next time-based channel even if the set time has passed. To listen to the next time-based channel, change to another channel and go back.

  • If there are no songs for [Morning], [Daytime], [Evening], [Night] or [Midnight], all songs will be played back in random order in those channels.