Browsing and using the video screen

Your “WALKMAN” plays back videos in landscape orientation.
  1. Information area

  1. Total time

  1. Progress bar

  1. Elapsed time

These indications disappear after a while.

Operations on the video playback screen

While your “WALKMAN” is playing back a video in landscape orientation, the / buttons and / buttons swap functions.

To (Screen indication)
Do this
Play ()/pause () (*1)
Press the button.
Fast forward ()/fast rewind ()
  • Press the / button. (*2)

  • Press and hold the / button. (*3)

Move to the previous scene (*4) or chapter ()/move to the next scene (*4) or chapter ()
Press the (previous)/ (next) button.
Forward slightly/rewind slightly
Press the / button during pause.
Return to the list screen
Press the BACK/HOME button.

(*1) During pause, if there is no operation for a while, your “WALKMAN” automatically enters standby mode.
(*2) Forward speed changes through 3 levels by repeatedly pressing ( (×10), (×30), (×100)). Also, rewind speed changes through 3 levels by repeatedly pressing ( (×10), (×30), (×100)). Press the button to exit the operation and resume normal playback.
(*3) You can also change the speed of fast forward/fast rewind during pause but the speed will vary depending on the length of the video.
(*4) If there is no chapter in the video, the playback position moves back/forward in steps of 5 minutes.
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