Listening to FM radio [FM Radio]

To listen to FM radio, select [FM Radio] on the Home menu.
  1. From the Home menu, select [FM Radio].

  1. Press the / button to select the desired frequency, or press the / button to select the desired preset number.

  • You cannot select a preset number if no preset station is stored. Preset receivable stations using [Auto Preset] [Details], or preset the receivable stations manually [Details].

  • The headphone cord serves as an antenna, so extend it as far as possible.

  • The [Equalizer], [VPT (Surround)], [DSEE (Sound Enhance)], [Clear Stereo], or [Dynamic Normalizer] setting is not applied while listening to FM radio.

  • You cannot listen to FM radio while your “WALKMAN” holds Bluetooth connection.

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