Making voice recordings

You can record voice using the built-in microphone [Details] and play back the recorded voice files. Files are recorded in MP3 format.
  • If the [Set Date-Time] setting is not accurate, the date folder may not be named correctly. Set the current date and time before recording [Details].

  • During recording, you cannot listen to sound from the headphones.

  • Voice recording is not available while your “WALKMAN” is connected via Bluetooth.

  1. From the Home menu, select [Voice Recording].

  1. Press the button.

Recording starts.
  1. (during recording), (during record pause)

  1. Folder name

Folder names are automatically assigned to “yyyy-mm-dd” (year – month – day). In the case of subsequent folders created on the same day, an attached folder number (2 to 999) is added after “dd” of the folder name.
  1. File name

File names are automatically assigned to “VR -nnn-hhmm” (VR – serial number – hour and minutes).
  1. Codec/bit rate

  1. Elapsed time

  1. Available remained time

The available remained time does not appear if it is more than 1,000 hours.
  1. Press the button once more to stop recording.

  • You can select the recording quality (bit rate) [Details].

  • To record to a new folder, press the OPTION/PWR OFF button on the [Voice Recording] screen while recording is stopped, and then select [New Folder] from the option menu. The next recording is sent to the new folder.

  • If you rename files in the [RECORD] and [VOICE] folders on your computer, or put files which have been imported to your computer back into the [RECORD] and [VOICE] folders, they may become unplayable on your “WALKMAN.”

  • For the maximum recordable number of voice recording files and folders, see [Details].