What is Bluetooth technology?

Bluetooth wireless technology is a short-range wireless technology that enables wireless data communication between digital devices, such as compact stereos or headphones. Bluetooth wireless technology operates within a range of about 10 meters (about 3 feet).
You do not need to use a cable for connection since Bluetooth technology is a wireless technology, nor is it necessary for the devices to face one another, such is the case with infrared technology. For example, you can use such a device in a bag or pocket.
Bluetooth technology is an international standard supported by thousands of companies all over the world, and employed by various companies worldwide.

Compatible devices with the Bluetooth function of your “WALKMAN”

For details about devices that can communicate with your “WALKMAN” through Bluetooth communication, visit the customer support Web site [Details].
  • Bluetooth communication may be interfered with by the following causes.

  • When you perform Bluetooth communication near metal objects.

  • When a device using radio waves, such as a wireless LAN device, or a microwave oven, is in use near your “WALKMAN” or the Bluetooth audio device.

  • When the Bluetooth antenna (aerial) [Details] of your “WALKMAN” is covered with obstacles such as hands.