What can your “WALKMAN” do with Bluetooth?

Your “WALKMAN” includes Bluetooth wireless technology. Your “WALKMAN” communicates wirelessly with a Bluetooth audio device (*1) (e.g. headphones, car audios, compact stereos). You can listen to sound on Bluetooth audio devices by sending data from your “WALKMAN.” You can also use your “WALKMAN” to send and receive files.

Your “WALKMAN” supports AVRCP (Audio/Video Remote Control Profile). You can control the basic operations of your “WALKMAN” wirelessly from the connected Bluetooth audio device (*2) such as Bluetooth headphones.
(*1) The Bluetooth audio devices need to support A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile).
(*2) The Bluetooth audio devices need to support AVRCP.
  • Your “WALKMAN” can send song information such as song title, etc., to the Bluetooth audio devices that support AVRCP Ver. 1.3. Certain devices can also receive other information of your “WALKMAN,” such as the battery status or the setting of your “WALKMAN.” However, the information that a Bluetooth audio device can receive varies by the device.

  • You can wirelessly control the volume of certain devices using the VOL +/- button of your “WALKMAN.”

  • You can choose whether or not to apply the sound effects [Details].