Listening to sound via a Bluetooth audio device

You can listen to sound on a Bluetooth audio device connected to your “WALKMAN” via Bluetooth connection.
  • Before listening to sound on a Bluetooth audio device, pair it with your “WALKMAN” [Details].

  • Check that the Bluetooth audio device supports the same profiles as your “WALKMAN” does [Details].

  • While your “WALKMAN” holds Bluetooth connection, you cannot listen to sound from wired headphones or accessories connected to the WM-PORT jack.

  • While your “WALKMAN” holds Bluetooth connection, FM radio is not available. To listen to FM radio, use wired headphones.

  1. From the Home menu, select [Bluetooth] [Connect to Audio Device].

  • If there are no registered Bluetooth audio devices, press the OPTION/PWR OFF button to bring up the option menu, and then select [Search for a Device]. Try searching again, select [Search Again].

  1. Select desired device.

  • The screen that informs of establishing process appears. Your “WALKMAN” also indicates connection status by the Bluetooth indicator [Details].

  • When the Bluetooth connection is established, appears.

  1. Play back sound on your “WALKMAN.”

  • If playback does not start when you operate the Bluetooth audio device, select an audio file to play back on your “WALKMAN.”

  • While your “WALKMAN” holds Bluetooth connection without playing back sound, the Bluetooth indicator keeps blinking slowly and continuously. Your “WALKMAN” keeps this status for about a day. The time that your “WALKMAN” can keep this status varies depending on the connected device.

  • Your “WALKMAN” can enter standby state automatically upon turning on, to establish a Bluetooth connection with a Bluetooth audio device [Details].

  • If you end Bluetooth connection from the Bluetooth audio device, your “WALKMAN” enters the standby status for establishing a connection. If a connection is not established within 5 minutes, the Bluetooth function turns off automatically.

  • The following wireless operations are available from the Bluetooth audio device:

  • Play/Pause.

  • Fast forward/backward.

  • Skip to the beginning of the next song.

  • Skip to the beginning of the currently playing song.

  • You can wirelessly control the volume of certain devices using the VOL +/- button of your “WALKMAN.”

  • When the same names of a device are displayed, check the BD address of the desired device. For details about the BD address of the Bluetooth audio device, refer to the respective manuals.

  • Sound skips may occur depending on the usage environment or settings. They may be reduced in the following ways.

  • Close your “WALKMAN” and the Bluetooth audio device.

  • Set the [Wireless Playback Quality] setting to [Prioritize Connection] [Details].

  • Set the [DPC (Speed Control)] setting to [Off] [Details] and the [Karaoke/Language Study] setting to [Off] [Details].

Incompatible operations with the Bluetooth function

Operation or feature
Connecting accessories that provide power (*1)
Your “WALKMAN” accepts charging and keeps Bluetooth communication.
USB connection (*1)
Your “WALKMAN” responds to the USB connection and stops Bluetooth communication.
Using wired headphones
Your “WALKMAN” does not send the sounds in Bluetooth communication.
Beep sound
Your “WALKMAN” does not send the beep sounds in Bluetooth communication.

(*1) An accessory connected to your “WALKMAN” through the WM-PORT jack.