Sending a file

You can send a file stored on your “WALKMAN” to another device via Bluetooth connection.
  1. Set the Bluetooth device to standby state to receive a file.

  • For details about receiving a file, refer to the respective manuals.

  1. From the playback screen of a song, a video, a podcast episode or photo, press the OPTION/PWR OFF button to bring up the option menu.

  1. Select [Send File].

  • When you send a file, the copyright warning message appears. Follow the on-screen instructions.

  1. Press the OPTION/PWR OFF button to bring up the option menu, and then select [Search for a Device].

  • When the screen to enter the passkey (*1) appears, press the / buttons to select the number, and press the / buttons to move the cursor. After you enter the passkey, press the button to confirm.

(*1) “Passkey” is also called “Pass code,” “PIN code,” “PIN number,” or “Pass word.” For details about entering a passkey on the Bluetooth audio device, refer to the respective manuals.
  1. Select desired device.

  • The screen that informs of establishing process appears. Your “WALKMAN” also indicates connection status by the Bluetooth indicator [Details].

  • If you want to send to a Bluetooth device that you have already sent a file to, skip step 4.

  • Your “WALKMAN” cannot send files that use digital rights management technology (“WM-DRM”) for Windows Media.

  • A currently-playing file will be stopped during the file send.

  • You cannot send LRC files or a thumbnail for a video file.

  • You may not send cover art for a song.

  • When your “WALKMAN” sends a file to the Bluetooth device, playback will be stopped.

  • It may be prohibited to transfer content, without the copyright holders permission, for other than your personal/private enjoyment under applicable copyright law.