Receiving a file

You can have your “WALKMAN” receive files from a Bluetooth device via Bluetooth connection.
  1. From the Home menu, select [Bluetooth] [Receive File].

  1. Set the Bluetooth device to standby state to send a file.

  • For details about sending a file, refer to the respective manuals.

  1. Send a file from a Bluetooth device to your “WALKMAN.”

  1. Press the BACK/HOME button after receiving a file.

  • Your “WALKMAN” is released from standby state.

  • Received files are placed in the [RECEIVED] folder in your “WALKMAN.”

  • If files of the same name are received, a file number is added between the filename and extension.

  • In the receive file screen, an alphanumeric code is displayed under the model name. This code is specific to your “WALKMAN,” and allows it to be identified by Bluetooth devices.

  • When your “WALKMAN” receives a file, playback will be stopped.

  • Maximum receivable file size is 4 GB.