About the Bluetooth indicator

You can check Bluetooth status by the Bluetooth indicator of your “WALKMAN” [Details].

Bluetooth indicator
  • Bluetooth function is off

Blinks quickly
  • Searching for a Bluetooth audio device

  • Receiving or sending a file

Blinks continuously
  • Passkey is being entered

  • Checking available profile numbers

  • Checking the Bluetooth audio device to connect

  • Establishing Bluetooth connection

  • Holding Bluetooth connection

  • Terminating Bluetooth connection

  • Cancel receiving or sending a file

  • Cancel searching for a Bluetooth audio device

  • Waiting to receive a file

Blinks slowly and continuously
  • After searching for a Bluetooth audio device

  • Maintaining Bluetooth connection when your “WALKMAN” stops playing back sound, or enters standby mode

Blinks continuously in faint light
  • Playing back sound through Bluetooth communication

Blinks twice
  • Bluetooth function turned on

  • Bluetooth connection is established

Blinks once
  • Bluetooth function turned off

  • While your “WALKMAN” maintains Bluetooth connection without playing back sound, the Bluetooth indicator keeps blinking slowly and continuously. Your “WALKMAN” keeps this status for about a day. The time that your “WALKMAN” can keep this status varies depending on the connected device.