Using the alarm timer

You can set the alarm timer to play back a selected song at a specified time as an alarm. To use the alarm timer, follow the instructions below. Click [Details] to see the detailed instructions for each operation. Set the current date and time before setting the timer [Details].
  1. Select a song as the alarm sound [Details].

  1. Set the alarm time [Details].

  1. If necessary, set the repeat setting [Details].

  1. Set the alarm to on [Details].

  1. When the alarm sounds, press the button to stop it.

  • The alarm will automatically stop after 60 minutes.

  • To prevent damage to the ears, the alarm volume of headphones is limited by the AVLS function regardless of whether [AVLS (Volume Limit)] is set to [On] or [Off] [Details]. The alarm volume of speakers is not limited.

  • Do not fall asleep while wearing headphones. If you sleep wearing headphones, the headphone cord may wind around your neck, which may cause suffocation.

  • The alarm will not sound in the following situations.

  • Recording voice (though the alarm icon flashes in the information area).

  • Connected to a computer.

  • Processing Bluetooth connection (though the alarm icon flashes in the information area).